CANDY KING Swedish E-Juice 100ml


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CANDY KING Swedish E-Juice - Now Some May Think We Might Be A Bit Biased When It Comes To Describing This Delicious Vape - Because Of Our Great Viking Ancestors Coming From Sweden And All That... BUT We Can Assure You That These Facts Do Not Sway Us At All When It Comes To Telling You How AWESOME This Juice Is...

Although Candy King Swedish E-Juice May Be A Far Cry From Some Of Those Old Traditional Much Loved Swedish Liquified Fish Dishes, That Taste Like....Well Let's Just say - You Know How Most Aussies LOVE Vegemite But People From Other Countries Are like WTF??  

You Won't Be Thinking WTF With This Vape That Tastes Like Liquified Red Gummy Candy Fish!

*warning this video may contain language that some might find offensive

*Please remember that this review is solely the opinion of the person doing the review - taste is subjective.