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The E-Liquid you buy or make typically contains 4 ingredients

  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine *
  • Flavouring 

PG - Propylene Glycol

PG is a colourless liquid with no smell, it is part of the juice that usually carries the flavour.

It is a safe ingredient that is used as a preservative in foods, healthcare and beauty products, including shampoo and toothpaste. Medical research has confirmed that it does not have any effect on the heart cells or the functioning of arteries.

There are some people that are allergic to PG suffering symptoms such as, a rash, skin puffiness and breathing difficulties.

VG - Vegetable Glycerine

VG is made from plants and has a slight sweet smell and taste. Although it does produce vape it is the VG that gives you most of the cloud when vaping. People will use E-Juice with high VG to produce those massive clouds that you see in videos.

VG  is used in medically approved cough medicines, soaps, shampoos and low calorie food.


Nicotine is a naturally occurring substance found in plants - believe it or not there are high levels of nicotine in, egg plants, potatoes, tomatoes and cauliflowers.

Nicotine is a stimulant.

Medical research has been conducted showing that nicotine can prevent a range of ailments, including bowel ulcers and allergic asthma, while research is being undertaken into nicotine preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and epilepsy.

All of this taken into account it must be remembered that Nicotine is a toxin, and poisonous when taken in excess.

*Nicotine is illegal to sell or buy in Australia either nicotine undiluted or in premixed E-Liquid.


The Flavourings used in E-Liquids are food flavourings - do not vape E-Liquid that has been made with oil- based flavourings, these are dangerous.

Diacetyl is added to some flavours to give a more creamier taste, this is a dangerous ingredient, stay away from E-Liquid that contains Diacetyl.

What mix of PG and VG should you use

This is really up to the vaper but most manufactured E-Liquid you will find come in a ratio of 70/30.

VG is a thicker liquid then PG so the more VG there is the more vape it will produce.


Whilst we have done our research and gleaned the information contained here from what we deem reputable sources, this is just a brief amount of information and we encourage others to do their own research.