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The performance & life of your rechargeable batteries relies on proper charging.
You may not realise but chargers are ultimately responsible not only for how well your batteries perform, but how long they last and how safe they are too.
Price wise we often give low priority to our chargers, but a good quality one will ensure that your batteries perform at their best and they will not become damaged or stressed when charging, increasing their life span and decreasing their risk of failure.
So what sort of charger should you use??
Only use a charger designed for use with Li Ion batteries, purchase it from a reputable dealer and keep it well maintained.
Nitecore is a well known trusted battery charger brand and you can check the ones we have in stock by looking HERE
Always read the user manual and maintain your charger correctly.
Some devices may use a specific charger that is suitable only for the device such as the integrated all in one eGo style batteries. They are a standard Li-Ion battery that is permanently fixed inside the housing.
Other devices may have a USB port for charging which can be used with any USB supply.
Li-ion batteries start degrading after being manufactured. They will last two to three years from the date of manufacture whether you use them or not. They are sensitive to high temperatures as the heat will cause them to degrade rapidly. If you completely discharge a lithium-ion battery, it is ruined.
Always keep Li Ion batteries away from metal objects during storage. 
We have protective battery cases HERE which you should always use, especially when travelling with batteries.
If storing your batteries for long periods of time, bring them to half charge, this reduces stress on the batteries and will help them to last longer!
Check your batteries for damage, if there are any signs or if the wrapper is damaged do not use.
Check out our replacement battery wraps HERE
Check your battery terminals and contacts ensuring they are clean to get the best connection.
For new batteries look HERE
Never leave your batteries unattended whilst charging and if they get too hot stop charging and take them somewhere to cool down, preferably outdoors if possible, then dispose of them safely.
Take your unloved batteries to a recycling centre as they contain metals that will poison the ground if placed into landfill sites.
Anymore questions just shoot us a message.
Whilst we have done our research and gleaned the information contained here from what we deem reputable sources, this is just a brief amount of information and we encourage others to do their own research.