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With many trying to demonise vaping and some public health bodies failing to report the facts of vaping being far less dangerous than smoking, vaping became a key concern as COVID -19 spread.

The Coalition of Asia Pacific tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA)  have asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to stop spreading inaccuracies about the risks of contracting COVID -19.

WHO has become renowned for being completely anti-vaping despite the scientific data available in favour of e-cigarette use for tobacco harm reduction. 

It is a well known fact that WHO'S  anti-vaping propaganda is influenced by vested interests that provide funds to the organisation. 

CAPHRA, in response to WHO'S allegations that vaping may increase a persons chances of contracting Corona Virus, compiled a 103 page paper, saying that, "in it's quest to rid the world of smoking' the health organisation is denying millions the opportunity of quitting successfully via vaping, and that for years WHO has continuously created anti-vaping claims which have severe consequences for smokers seeking to quit.

CAPHRA has stated that not only is there no scientific evidence indicating that vapers are more likely to contract COVID-19, but actually there are studies that show nicotine may act as a protective factor.

The WHO'S actual own findings published by WHO'S Western Pacific Division in June 2020, support the position that there is no established link between nicotine and COVID -19. 

However WHO continues to link vaping and COVID -19, stating that as "the COVID -19 virus affects the respiratory tract, the hand-to-mouth action of vaping may increase the risk of infection". (YES SERIOUSLY) without giving any scientific basis.

Studies from Public Health England have shown that there is no association between vaping and being diagnosed with the virus. The studies found that there was no difference between non/never vaped persons, current vapers and ex-vapers, when it came to being diagnosed or having contracted the virus.

*Whilst we have done our research and gleaned the information contained here from what we deem reputable sources, this is just a brief amount of information and we encourage others to do their own research.